One Snail and Four Thousand Photographs ago… (an intro)

Hey y’all, I’d just like to introduce myself as a blogger really quickly before Snap starts officially launching content!

It was probably this photograph that really pulled me into the world of photography. A close-up of a striking spiral shell hosting a curious and gelatinous pair of long eyes that, after a year of freshman biology, I had aptly captioned “the cutest little gastropod.”


With the date printed in the most attractive red pixels in the corner, it accumulated a blockbuster of one like on Facebook (from my favorite cousin). And I was so proud of my captured image. I loved it. Maybe it was the mesmerizing texture of the shell. Maybe it was the full year of freshman biology. And maybe it was the thrill of having stolen a moment so small and so singularly my own that not another soul in all of time would visit the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and live that moment.

Maybe it was just that sense of ownership, that sense that millions of photographers could take shots of the same place and all yet all of them would own a very different space.

I’ve since expanded upon my shooting of gastropods to include sweeping landscapes and various spreads of food, among other things. I’ve also grown from a freshman to a sophomore – in college – studying public health and prelaw at Tulane University in New Orleans, a place that is hella fun to photograph.

Since the snail, photography has remained one of my favorite hobbies (along with writing short stories I love to not finish, reading all forms of news, novels, & nonfiction, biking past cornfields, and apparently eating, because food-related things are always my most popular birthday presents). With Snap, though, I hope to share some of my love for photography with you.

And here’s my edited shot, five years later, not quite to the date.

1stphoto copy

As always, thanks for reading & look out for the coming posts!



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