Hey everyone & welcome to Snap!

This is a blog dedicated to the way you reach for your phone when the sky breaks out into exceptional streaks of orange and violet in a rush to capture the perfect sunset picture, the four minutes you make your friends wait with their forks in the air so you can snap a photo of their food, and the kind of disappointment that you feel when you walk by a cement wall popping with graffiti only to realize that your photo library is full.


This is a blog dedicated to the everyday excitement of mobile photography, the kind of photography that takes little but a searching eye and a charged phone, and captures more detail than a high-end camera that isn’t there for all of life’s smaller moments. And photography is all about those moments.

So please follow Snap for basic photography tips and lessons (on things like composition, lighting, editing, etc.), for little tricks that will make your mobile photography look even better, and, of course, for fun and dynamic photos.

And perhaps most importantly, know that you don’t always need a CanonDX347192831 to take quality photos or be interested in photography. Because, according to the acclaimed photographer Ernst Hass:

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.

And with that quote (because as you’ll come to know I love, love quotes), I hope to see you around the blog!



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