Photography Fun: Tiny Planet

When I showed my family this picture they didn’t know what it was! My dad asked if it was a trashcan.


I think it’s a pretty cool photo, and obviously one of a man going fishing? I really like the aerial perspective, the way the waves wrap & warp around the island, and the image’s sense of solitude and focus.

Of course, this isn’t an original shot. I had a whole lot of fun playing around with a new editing app I just discovered, which was made to create “tiny planet photos.”After a quick Google search I learned that this is a fun style of editing that takes a panorama shot and wraps it into a a little ball that looks like a planet!


“Tiny Palace” Plaza de Espana Seville, Spain

It works especially well for cityscapes, and there are a lot of cool shots people created on Instagram.

I downloaded the app RollWord (in love with the name) for iPhone, and you can try the app Small Planet for Android. Once you open the photo in the app, there are a few editing options that take some practice getting used to:


There are sliders that control the zoom, the perspective, the blending of your image, and the rotation. The easiest way to learn is to just experiment and see what you can make! On RollWorld, the perspective is the top slider, the zoom is the last one, rotation is fourth, and blending works with 2, 3, & 5

Some tips:

  • Try different perspectives! While the app is for making “tiny planets” you can also change the perspective to one that is looking up from the ground, instead of down onto the scene. This is where is gets a little trippy, though, because keeping the slider in the interim creates some very warped images.
  • Take advantage of the zoom option – my image of the fisherman and the sea wasn’t as interesting zoomed out (as you can see to the left) as it was zoomed in.
  • Don’t feel like you have to stick with panoramas! I know that’s what the app says, and it may work better, but every image is different and even some square images work really well if you’re good at editing them. My fisherman photo originally looked like this:
The Fisherman & the Sea Howth, Ireland June 2015

The Fisherman & the Sea
Howth, Ireland
June 2015

I like the original, and I’m a big fan of the edited version. To be honest, the editor was crazy to work with, but very fun.

Happy editing!


5 thoughts on “Photography Fun: Tiny Planet

  1. I can so see what I can do with this app. How do you even find those things? Did you just stumbled upon it at an app store?

    Definitely something to play with 🙂 Please post some more of your experiments.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked the post! I’ll definitely post more like it, and I’d love to see the photos you come up with! I found out about this app because I follow The Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) on Instagram. They post really neat videos on photography tricks with your mobile phone, and they are having a photo contest with tiny planets!

      Liked by 1 person

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