POTD: Return!

SO sorry for the incredibly long hiatus! I started my blog this summer knowing that I would probably get a little busy once I was back at college, but I didn’t expect to not post anything at all! On the upside, I have still been taking photos every day, and now that I’m back in New Orleans there’s a lot more to photograph besides the cornfields around my house (but I miss those too, especially with “changing” seasons). So here’s one of my favorite shots that I’ve taken in the city:


Oak trees line a winding path that runs through Audubon Park, which is right across the street from my campus. I just love how the trees bend over, stretch, shrug, and open into the wind and sun. This photo does a great job giving perspective by providing a very subtle leading line that tunnels straight through the leaning branches of the trees. The shadows also provide a great contrast to the darker branches and create a very dynamic image.

I’m back y’all! Please look forward to more photos & posts!




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