POTD: To Capture Cuteness

In case your to-do list for Wednesday also includes studying for two exams and writing your news article and finishing homework and writing a personal essay:



Meet Tater the hedgehog! Guaranteed  to brighten your day. I love his name, because he definitely is round enough to be a tater tot. I always wondered if petting a hedgehog would feel like stroking a sack of needles, but it really feels more like touching toothpicks. I was able to take this adorable photo because Tulane became Zoolane (hahahahaha) for homecoming week and brought in animals from Audubon Zoo for an afternoon.

I love this photo for its cute factor, but also for how it gives the viewer a sense of the prickly and the snug. Close-cropped photos tend to work best for small animals, and are also great for animals with interesting texture. I love the way the photo is able to capture the symmetric direction of the quills, because it really adds the feeling of being bundled-up to the image. So, photography tip of the day? Look for movement or directionWhat really makes this photo stand out is the way Tater just looks so curled up and cuddle-y because of the way his quills turn inward. It’s also important to be able to achieve a higher contrast when you focus on these details of movement in order to make the typically fleeting movement more concrete.

I also got to meet this three-legged gopher tortoise who was crawling all across the tiles outside:


Happy Wednesday!



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