POTD: Bubbly

Sure you can’t buy Fall, but you can buy a holiday cup of frothy goodness and that’s pretty much the same thing right?


For the last few days I’ve been camped out at our next-door-neighbor university, Loyola, not only because they have a better dining hall but also because they have the closest Starbucks, and the TEDx team at Tulane is using the iconic coffee joint as our base for speaker interviews (which are going swimmingly by the way).


I’ve got to hear from a lot of ambitious and well-spoken students about what ideas they have for their potential TEDx talk. And I’ve got to really explore the Starbucks menu every day that I’ve been interviewing.


The cake pops are relatively pricey (of course) but rich and somehow still on the light side. Also becoming a fan of the mocha fraps. Will keep everyone updated as I camp out at Starbucks a few more times so we can make our TEDx event happen.


In the meanwhile, please enjoy these fall-themed photos of various beverages, aaaand…

Photography tip of the day? Try your hand at close-up, one-subject photos. Let yourself focus on the texture of your subject (bubbles, bricks). In order to do this well, take as close a photo as you can with your lens, use natural lighting for the most sharpness, crop if necessary later, & edit for color and contrast.

Happy “Fall”!

Samah stuck in NOLA Fall


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