Wanderlust Wednesday: Marrakech

Lately with the darkness coming to knock on my door at 5pm and the weather forgetting to change with the seasons, I’ve been thinking a lot about this past summer’s travels. I keep coming back to the dry embrace of Moroccan heat and the way the Jemma el Fnaa square in Marrakech smelled like roasting meat in the very center and like horses on the way in. That, plus the question of whether or not I want to or can study abroad next year brings me to today’s post, in what will hopefully be a series of fun posts: today is the first Wanderlust Wednesday! I’m here to report and reminisce on places that I’ve visited for too short a time too long ago, and maybe throw in some destinations on my travel wish-list.


This photo is of the view from a small mountain village miles outside of Marrakech. I love this photo because it is able to capture, to some degree, the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, and remarkably in appropriate exposure. A lot of the time, with images that have a distinct foreground, middleground, and background, it’s hard to properly expose each section without white-washing the others. Using HDR settings on your camera or phone is a good way to take care of this automatically, but if you forget or can’t do that then there is a way to address the exposure problem during the editing process. For this, you just want to take three shots that expose each area correctly, and then edit/overlay them together later on. Comment below if you’d like a more detailed post on that process!

I hope you all look forward to reading the new Wanderlust Wednesday posts and much as I look forward to finding the photos to feature! Definitely expect more posts about Marrakech…

Happy Wednesday!



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