The Multiples Trick

Is this an intense tennis match? Is this two boys mimicking each others’ poses? Is this actually someone just playing with himself?


Yes. This is a game of solo tennis, person v. himself, captured magically by yours truly.

And this? you ask.


Our subject just practicing some tennis moves. Solo again. Three shots in one.

But how??

No edits required. Get ready to be walked through one of the oldest tricks in the book:

The Multiples Trick

  1. Set iPhone or other camera to panorama mode.
  2. Find an athletic subject.
  3. Place them in a pose and train the camera lens on them. Adjust for composition, lighting, etc. here.
  4. As they hold ever so still, begin to pan the camera.
  5. Pan slowly, until you have just rotated your camera away from the subject.
  6. Ask the subject to run around behind you, and pose in a spot that will be panned to next.
  7. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

So easy, and so very fun.

Happy panning!



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