Wanderlust Wednesday: Howth

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, final exams are alarmingly close! Classes are ending and the stress is thickening. Where else would I rather be?

This week’s Wanderlust Wednesday post is a photo from Howth, Ireland.


I wish I could still smell the salt riding on the sea breeze, hear the soaring calls of seagulls dipping through the chilly air, and taste the hot vinegar-y bites of fish & chips I ate as I spent the afternoon visiting this quiet village on the tip of Ireland.


delicious fish & chips!

But I do love this photo I snapped while walking along the harbor. It’s almost a textbook example of the Rule of Thirds that works really well here because it can capture a complex scene: the white flowers along the sidewalk, the rich blue water and orange boats, and the ombre hues of the sky. There were lots of seagulls swooping in and out of the frame so I tried my best to catch one in action (lucky timing!), and it makes a huge addition to the overall image.

Photography tip:

Pay special attention to thirds when taking a shot of a landscape or zoomed-out scene. Check out the post on composing with thirds for a quick refresher!

Happy Wednesday!




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