POTD: An Ode to Perfect Weather

After spending thanksgiving back home in Champaign (Illinois) I almost forgot what the soft rays of sun felt like. Every day of my short four-day break was intensely grey: grey mornings, grey afternoons, and essentially grey sunsets. Grey washed, grey-weathered.

Coming back to NOLA for my last two weeks of the semester was a much-needed. I really do need a daily dosage of sun, and NOLA was more than ready to shine it on me.


I love, love how the tree’s leaves are backlit in a golden yellow and also shaded in a darker bronze in this beautiful image. One thing that I found worked really well when editing this image was adding a blur effect to the other foliage. This gave the photo a much stronger focus and got rid of the clutter of having so many textured leaves in one shot.

Photography tip of the day?

Try out a blur effect to reduce clutter (like leaves, buildings, debris, paper, etc.) and to create a stronger focal point. Editing softwares will let you blur manually (shade the region you want to blur), blur by choosing a circular area to leave un-blurred (easy way to create a focal point), or blur by choosing a rectangular section to leave un-blurred. Experiment with different techniques & see which works best for your image.

Happy sun-days!





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