Everyday Items that Create Perfect Backgrounds

Perhaps the most underrated and often forgotten part of subject-specific photography is creating a good background. But it makes all the difference:




But creating backgrounds is a lot easier than you think! Where did I find such a pristine white place to eat my chocolate? It’s actually just this notebook:


Surprise! What’s important here is to pick strong colors (white is greattttt, especially since my chocolate had white stripes to create a strong contrast) and to utilize your lighting well.

My notebook looks so white and great for two reasons:

  1. Natural lighting – I took my chocolate photo right next to the window at around noon. Natural lighting is optimal because it captures colors and texture the most realistically. It also makes any white surface look very crisp as a background.
  2. Editing – Take advantage of a high contrast if you choose to use a white background to get clear, spotless backgrounds. Note: white backgrounds can be problematic for overly dark subjects because a higher contrast will either pick the dark or the light to focus on (focusing on the dark turns your background into a flasy-white, and focusing on the white turns your subject into a complete detail-less shadow). So consider other backgrounds for darker subject & see what works.


Try out these everyday items:

  • tables (textured wood or bright white)
  • walls (brick, concrete, wood)
  • patterned fabrics, scarves, or clothes
  • laptop cases (the blue & white polka dotted background is a laptop case I sewed!)
  • comforters or bedsheets
  • windows
  • sidewalks
  • carpet

Backgrounds are preferable for photos that focus on a single subject. Remember that a big part of making these kinds of photos so attractive is keeping your composition interesting (remember this post?) and clutter-free.


Happy background-making!








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