The Photographer’s Gift Guide

Exams are ending, work deadlines are approaching, and the gift-buying scramble is on! Lucky for everyone, Snap is here to look out for the photographer in your life and provide you with a collection of fun & unique camera-minded presents. From small to large, cheap to pricey, fun to useful, this is Snap’s Gift Guide for Photographers.

Snap’s Gift Guide for Photographers

  1. Lens Caps  : $10


These lens caps are a fun present for any photographer and are especially perfect for your foodie friends. They’ll love this unique way of distinguishing between different lenses at a glance.

2.  Photo App Pins : $12


Pin it on a camera strap, a photo board, or a beanie — these little pins are a charming way to show your app loyalty.

3.  “I Shoot People!” T-Shirt : $12.95 – $16.95


Did you know that photographers were dangerous? This t-shirt comes in a lot of different designs and you can even get this phrase on a mug!

4.  Jelly Phone Filters : $15


Made especially for mobile phone AND tablet cameras, these squishy gelatinous filters include Wide Angle, “starburst,” and kaleidoscope lenses so you can capture crazy fun photos wherever you go.

5.  Magnetic Photo Rope : $12


If your photographer loves showcasing their work try these photo ropes! There are a lot of photo-hanging accessories out there (typically like this one from Urban Outfitters), but this magnetic set seems to be the easiest to set up and the cleanest to look at. Each rope comes with 8 magnets that you can use to hang photos easily – no clips, thumbtacks, or strings needed.

6.  Photo Lens Mug : $30


This is the most classic photographer’s gift out there; everyone has to love the novelty of drinking hot chocolate out of a lens. This one even doubles as a thermos, too!

7.  Lightbox Photography Cards : $10


These cards are perfect for the creative and ever-exploring photographer. Dubbed “inspiration in a box,” each of these 52 cards contain one photography challenge or prompt. Shuffle the deck and take your pick!

8.  Camera Mode Dial Cufflinks : $50



This is a great one for wedding photographers, professional events photographers, or anyone who likes to always keep it classy.

9.   Camera Locket : $55.90+


This beautiful necklace doubles as a locket — the perfect place to store a memory card or a memento.

10.  Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll  : $17.95


Personally, books are one of my favorite gifts. Think about getting this one for that photographer who is just starting out. This book is divided into five sections that cover the basic elements of photography: composition, exposure, light, lenses, and “seeing.” Mix that in with full-page photos and helpful tips, and you might just have yourself a winning present.

11.   Mobile Phone Lenses : $12+


I LOVE mobile phone lenses! I have my own set in royal blue, and they are very fun to work with on-the-go. Like mine, this set comes with wide-angle, macro, and (my favorite) fisheye. These are perfect for that busy person who has moved their hobby to their mobile device.

12.   LIFE: 100 Photographs that Changed the World : $10.99


There are a lot of great books (from LIFE, Time, National Geographic) that look at the role of photography in human history. Definitely pick this one up for the sophisticated photographer.

13.   Lomography Lomo’Instant Sanremo Edition Camera : $169


If you’re looking for some higher-end but not full on Nikon-camera-highest-end gifts, these next few choices might be for you. This vintage-inspired instant film camera comes with one built-in wide-angle lens, three lens attachments (fisheye, portrait, and close-up), and a set of four color gel filters. Perfect for your hipster-leaning friends.

14.  Polaroid ZIP Instant Printer : $129.99


This one is super cool — print your photos from your iOS or Android phone straight to your hands. It also comes with a ZIP app that lets you edit your photos before printing, among other things.

15.   Polaroid Cube : $99+


The Polaroid cubes are adorable! These very small portable cubes take photo AND video by magnetically attaching to any metal surface. Sort of like a mini-GoPro, it can mount on various accessory stands (bike mount, helmet mount, waterproof case) to capture action shots from unique angles so you can do cool things like these.


And that’s a wrap! Feel free to comment below with more gift ideas, and I wish you a very happy holiday from Snap 🙂




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