How to make a Quote Photo

Hey everyone! I finally made it home to Champaign after a jam-packed semester and I am so ready to rest. Resting of course always entails a little bit of fun photo-editing, so I wanted to write a quick blogpost on something that I’ve been trying lately: the quote photo.


I absolutely love collecting quotes, and while this one isn’t a favorite, I thought it fit in very well with this photo and how I was feeling when I took the shot. I was just walking out of my final exam of the semester, two hours of Biostatistics, when I took a walk across campus to the lovely Audubon Park. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees and the sun was shining right above the lake in the center of the park, lighting up the oranges and yellows of trees that still thought it was fall. It was a gorgeous New Orleans day, and this spot was the perfect place to just let myself think and feel and take photos.

How to Create a Quote Photo

  1. Shoot an image that inspires you. When taking your photo with the intention of pairing it with a quote, keep a few things in mind:
    1. You want to take either a simple subject-centered photo or a larger landscape photo, because these types of images work best when adding text later since they naturally incorporate more space.
    2. Think about where you would want to place your text and compose your shot accordingly.
  2. Edit your image for text clarity. What this means is that you want to edit your photo in a way that makes layered text the easiest to read. Try a process like this:
    1. First choose the color of your text: black or white? You can of course choose other colors but sticking to basic hues works best because it makes your image look more professional and more focused.
    2. Place your text in the desired space and adjust things like sizing, font (something that reflects the tone of your quote), and design (one block of text, broken up lines, etc.).
    3. Now you want to make sure this text is readable. With this photo I had a lot of trouble making the text stand out because of all the branches and leaves in the background. I added a blur effect to the entire image to bring more focus to the quote, and then because I took away some clarity from the image, I adjusted the colors so that the background was still strong, without being overpowering. Try editing for blur, color, brightness, and contrast.


And that is all! I’ve been having a lot of fun making quote photos especially because I love to add them to my Pinterest board.

Here’s one that I made with a quote I really love:


Happy quoting!





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