DIY Photo Ornament

If your tree is feeling a little lackluster this year, or maybe you need a pretty last, last minute gift, try going DIY with this easy-to-make photo ornament! It’ll be a quirky and fun addition to your, or someone elses’, ornament collection.


DIY Photo Ornament

  1. Pick out a photo you love, a holiday-themed or otherwise, along with a pair of scissors, ribbon, a stapler, and some tape. [Pretend the pictured pin wheel is tape and or a stapler, whoops]
  2. Cut your photo into strips of roughly equal size.
  3. Number the strips (so that you don’t mix up the order of the photo later on).
  4. Bend the strips (so that it will be easier to shape the photo into a sphere later).
  5. Arrange the strips into a star shape, and staple in place.
  6. (Now the tricky part) Bend each of the strips up, gathering them at the top, and staple in place. It’s kind of hard to staple the strips all at once, so try stapling the first two together, then the next two, and so on.
  7. Because the very last strip is hard to staple in place, use some clear tape on the underside of the strip to secure it.
  8. Thread a string from one side to the other and tie!
    Ta-da! Your photo ornament is complete and ready to hang (or gift!). Try out holiday themed photos, photos of you and your giftee, or solid colored strips of paper for a twist on the traditional.


Happy ornament-making, and happy holidays from Snap!



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