Snap’s Best of 2015

Happy New Year and new year’s eve to everyone! This has been a very special year for Snap because this blog was created in the summer of this year and has reached hundreds of photography-lovers since then. I’m so, so pleased with how many views the blog has gotten, and the weekly adventures of creating photography content has been incredibly fun and uplifting for me personally. I want to thank everyone that’s been exploring photography with Snap this 2015 and I wish all our readers a fulfilling new year!

To wrap up this December 31st, I thought I’d post the five posts that have been the most popular with readers this year. Please enjoy Snap’s Best of 2015!

Snap’s Best of 2015

  1. How to Win Instagram without Filters
    IMG_8011-1This post is a bit of creative writing mixed in with techinical editing tips that are underscored with a sense of urgency candid to all Instagram fanatics. And it’s all about one cupcake.
  2. One Snail and Four Thousand Photographs Ago1stphoto copyThis was one of Snap’s very first posts, and I’m so glad that it got so many views. It tells the short story of how I came to create this blog in a tale that revolves around this tiny snail.
  3. Photography Fun: Tiny PlanetFisherman & the SeaThis post was very fun to create — it explores a very interesting photography app that morphs your images into small little worlds of their own.
  4. POTD: Aspect RatioReflectionThis post focuses on an image I shot this past summer in Nice and explores the subtley different effects of an image’s size and proportion.
  5. WelcomeIMG_7801 This was the very first post ever published on Snap so I’m very happy it made it on this list! Here lies the very roots of the blog: goals, plans, and the very first ending signature that adorns each post.

And that’s a wrap! May everyone have a safe & happy 2016. 




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