The Secret to Crisp & Clean Photos

Hi y’all, so I am ready to return back to the blog after a hiatus of a whole year! Classes, clubs, the LSAT (big one), life, and all those things really had me busy for more months than I thought. Those of you who follow me on Instagram, however, know that despite all that I haven’t been slacking on my photography game! Get ready for a whole slew of fun posts about editing (my favorite thing to do), composing, storing, and playing with photos! In fact, here is a fun little post about achieving what I like to call the Crisp & Clean aesthetic. Enjoy!

The Secret to Crisp & Clean Photos

So y’all know the photos I’m talking about – imagine a $5 to $10 snack in a chic-looking place that gives you minute binder clips to hold your table number. A perfect 80 degree afternoon, sunny. Something cool & definitively sweet :



But what did that photo originally look like?


That looks a little crusty if you ask me. I really prefer the brightness, whites, and color tinge in the top photo because it makes the photo (of this great cup of chili chocolate ice cream) look clean & attractive (as it rightfully is).

The secret(s)? I’ll tell you:

  1. Temperature Control
    First things first – cool it. Photos that naturally contain browns (wood board, ice cream cup, chocolate sauce, etc.) have a tendency to give the overall photo a very subtle yellowish tinge. Maybe you can’t tell right away, but try playing with the “warmth” setting on your photo editor (likely under the Color section of your app or program) and see how the lower warmth introduces a blue hue that we can capitalize on next.
  2. Whites
    Now that we have that yellowish tinge replaced by a blue amibience, go to “whites” (likely under the Light section of your photo editor) and turn it up. Notice that the blue allows the white to come out crisper than it would if the yellows were still there.
  3. Brightness
    At this point you should have a significantly “cleaner” photo because the of the intensity of the color white. Turn up the brightness just a tad (not too much or you’ll white-wash the picture) and the difference between the original and this is remarkable.
  4. Color Layering
    Finally, try playing with some color layering (I know Instagram makes this feature very easy to use by limiting the colors choices to a few general options like green, blue, purple, and red). For this one, try purple and control the layer to blend to less than 25%. Try other color blends until your almonds look almondy and your chocolate looks like you could almost touch it.
  5. And voila! Transformation complete.


Now I’ll be on Spring break hopefully hunting down some more of these desserts. Stay tuned!


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