How to Collage Pt. 2 (Interest)

I hope you’ve mastered the Two-in-One Collage from Part One of this series and gone wild with buying new plants for the Spring season. Now, back to lemon macrons! How can you make a single photo of one thing more interesting?

The Interest++ Collage

IMG_2703   temp

  1. This type of collage is all about playing with composition! In your editing software, try segmenting your collage — the key to these photos is repetition. For your macaron photo, open your collage software and chose the thirds layout; use the same photo for all three! This works because it’s a classic Rule of Thirds cheat & because the macaron is perfectly centered in each shot, even when cropped to fit into the thirds (the photo would look very different without this symmetry).
  2. Another fun thing to try is using the reflection feature on your photo editor. This is usually found in the same section as cropping/rotating and is often called ‘flip’. First you segment your collage into two perfect halves. Then flip! For the book store photo, I flipped around the vertical axis and adjusted the two images to line up in a way that created the illusion of a middle pathway and TWO rows of bookshelves, with the fun catch being the “NOVELS” sign spelled backwards in the reflected photo.
  3. In terms of editing, all of the rules and tips from How to Collage Pt. 1 still apply!


Have fun with these new ideas!




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