Photo of the Day: Patterns

This week has been so full of sunshine! Imagine walking to your environmental health class after having a nice slice of toast with avocado and egg whites and a not so nice LSAT study session, only to get there, sit down, and get an email that class is cancelled.

You walk outside and it looks like this:

No complaintsLivin easyNow you just want cake.

“Photography tip of the day:

Look for patterns in your environment as you walk around & do life. Using lighting to play with patterns helps you create fantastic photos of your everyday surroundings. Try looking for shape or color patterns in shadows, fences, parked cars, or signs and then edit to a high contrast.

This image uses the shadows from the trees to create a mesmerizing depiction of Freret street in New Orleans. The driving lane creates a strong perspective using natural lines, while the composition of the photo (roughly 2/3 trees and 1/3 shadows) plays with Thirds in a way that emphasizes size and plays with perspective. The high contrast editing gives the shadows the stark definition that really completes the photo.”

Happy Spring & watch out for those allergies!




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