Wanderlust Wednesday: Nice

This week’s wanderlust is for Nice, a coastal city that rests just on the southern edge of France:


Nice was the bluest waves, weather that felt like a the breeze was hugging you, and sunshine that was as strong as it was light. Nice was slow-paced, beachy, new, and old. Nice made me wish I had been more involved in my French classes. And also that if I became rich, I’d buy a summer house here.

This photo was taken from the top of a hill that overlooks the city and coast, and is iconic for the place to take all those photos of Nice that look like this blue-dipped crescent:


And this:


I took the first photo from the other side of the hill, overlooking a different, less crescent-shaped part of the city. I love this photo so much because of how the trees frame the harbour and how the water was shot so that it cuts a nice line through the bottom third of the image. Composition is this photo’s strength, because it brings out the natural landscape of the top of the hill, the hills in the distance, the domino boats in the harbour, and the tall matchbox buildings in the city by using thirds, lines, and framing.

So many more photos from Nice to come.

Happy wanderlusting.



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